Hello world.

So today I started a blog. Here it is.

and today I also discovered I have a train booked for Edinburgh from London with no job or accommodation at the end of said train. Whoops. I’m a vet nurse from New Zealand , but I’m not registered yet to work as a vet nurse in the uk. Blah blah blah the job I was going to take requires me to be registered so I am covered by their clinic insurance . So I’ve ready quit my current job in London Town and now I don’t have another. Oh my giddy aunt. But I reeeeealy want to go to Scotland so I haven’t cancelled my train ticket. Am I an idiot? Can I find a job and accomation in less than a week? Who will take on this lonely unregistered vet nurse? ( with FiVE ANd a. HaLF  years experience of it, poo pickin up n stuff). I should be fine. Today I decided ( I tells a lie it was yesterday just wanted to keep up the today theme) I want to start a comedy sketch group. Or join one. Fuck .tell me right now what career would be better than taking the utter piss out of life AND getting paid for it. TELL ME?! Don’t go ahead and get me all wrong. I like being a vet nurse but hey let’s all just be honest for one moment of my short 25 years of this life. I Ain’t made to be a serious folk all my life. I want to take life by the oyster and eat it and the rest of the punnet.

So allow me to introduce my good self.hello hi there I’m Sian . I was born at a very young age waaaaaaay back in the year 1989, when the hair was big and the cellphones were colossal. I was born in Whakatane ( has a swear word in it hehehehe, it’s pronounced ‘fucka-tar-nay’) and raised in Tokoroa. I was Tokoroa north schools 3rd fastest runner  until puberty hit and then sadly became the 47th fastest. Dem boobies sloooooowed me down. And blah blah blah decided to go on a euro trip and not go home and heeeeeere I am up in funky London Town, munchin kale chips down at Notting Hill tube station, waiting for the Wimbledon train where I will sit for half an hour with kale chip crumbs stabbing me down my bra. Not knowing what next week will bring me..


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